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 Saturday, March 25 2006 @ 01:06 PM EST

Oilcast #7: Exclusive: Demand oustripped supply in Q1 2005

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OilcastsOilcast 7 looks at the Shell Scenarios report, a French government round-up 'Oil Industry 2004' that takes a long look at 'Peak Oil' theory...plus King Fahd's secret lady friend... the rig count is down yet up...price rises could be nothing more than software and amazingly unreported anywhere else, demand outstripped supply in Q1 2005.

Just click here. (MP3 14.5mb)

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Dear Oilcasters

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NewsApologies for our absence for a month. We were on holiday but also we have had to sort out a lot of work-related issues.
As well as this Oilcast totally overwhelmed us to be honest.
We still haven't done any publicity, yet instead of our anticipated ten or twenty downloads we were getting 4000. Our server was so confused it testified at the Michael Jackson trial.

We have also been putting together a business plan - originally on the back of an envelope returning from ASPO Lisbon - because we do want to make this a commerical site focussing on oil and energy supply analysis issues. Otherwise it is hard to put aside the time from our regular work. We hope you understand.

So we hope you will enjoy Oilcast.com, and that we will be here for many price rises and dips sure to come in the future.

All the best
Adam Porter & Dani Gomez.

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Oilcast#6: The ultraspike? $380 oil?

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OilcastsWe look at the French investment bank Ixis-CIB report on oil pricing. They say prices could reach $380 by 2015. How? Plus Chris Skrebowski's thoughts on depletion acting as new demand, President Bush, Hugo Chavez and more...

Just click here. (MP3 17,1mb)

To read the $380 report (in French) just click here.

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Oilcast #5: Dramatic oil price rises 'only matter of time'

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OilcastsIt's swings and roundabouts. We look at the Douglas Westwood report claiming oil prices will rise dramatically, and the reasons behind the recent sharp falls in the value of crude. Plus Japan versus China, the BP blast and plenty more...

Just click here. (MP3 8mb)

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Oilcast #4: Reports say volatility here to stay

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OilcastsDani Gomez takes a look at the latest forecasts from two of the biggest energy agencies, the EIA and the IEA. Also, we take a look at Swedish professor Kjell Aleklett and his forecasts about the oil we are likely to find in the next 30 years. All that and a 300 pound gorilla...

Listen to our oilcast now: here. (MP3 8MB)

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Oilcast #3: Greenspan + Chevron = High Prices For All

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OilcastsOn Oilcast no3 we take a look at the speech Alan Greenspan gave to the American refinery industry this week, plus the buyout of Unocal by Chevron, new refineries in Venezuela, Gaz de France land in the UK...

All you have to do is click here. (MP3 11mb)

The IMF report mentioned is here.

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Oilcast #2 - The Superspike Report. Not so super?

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OilcastsCrude hits record highs, BP find oil in Angola, an announcement from OPEC, gas prices in the USA and Tony Soprano's SUV.
Plus in-depth analysis on why Goldman Sachs' `market moving` Superspike report may not be so super after all.
It's all here: oilcast nº 2 (MP3 file, 10,6 MB).

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Superspike report at Oilcast.com

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ReportsThe much heralded Goldman Sachs report about a potential 'superspike' in oil prices is now online at oilcast.com.

You can find it here. (PDF file, 601 KB)

If we get the time over the weekend we will do an oilcast about it for Monday.

Introduction to Oilcast

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OilcastsHello and welcome to an introduction to oilcast.com…

In this first oilcast we’re going to be looking at the why’s and hows. Who are we, why are we doing our oilcasts, and what is the technology you will need.

Our oilcasts start here: introduction to oilcast.com (MP3 file, 4,66 MB).

Welcome to oilcast.com

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Oilcast.com site newsIf you want to hear our shows but you don't have the faintest idea of what all of this podcasting is all about, perhaps your first stop should be Podcasting entry at the Wikipedia. But we'll tell you how to tune in to us here.

Download a piece of software called Ipodder at www.ipodder.org.
This allows you to choose which audio shows you want to listen to. To choose a show you `subscribe to a feed`.
After you have `subscribed to a feed` (these are `RSS feeds`- same thing) every time there is new audio content available Ipodder will download it for you automatically.
As an example our RSS feed - the RSS feed for Oilcast.com - is here.
Ipodder (called an `RSS reader`) can download the new audio to your PC, Apple Mac or to a handheld MP3 player such as an Ipod. Hence the technology is known as `Podcasting`.

We will record our shows in mp3 audio files for maximum quality and a smaller file size. If you want to `subscribe` to our `feed` just copy the URL of our RSS feed and paste it into your preferred `RSS reader` (such as Ipodder above or FeedDemon from www.feeddemon.com).
Then every time the site is updated you will receive our oilcasts - or our podcasts if you prefer - without having to lift a finger.

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