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 Saturday, March 25 2006 @ 01:05 PM EST

Oilcast en Español #1: ¿Qué pasa con el precio del petróleo?

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Oilcast en EspañolIniciamos una nueva serie de Oilcasts, esta vez en español, a cargo de Dani Gómez. En este primer Oilcast en Español, además de presentar el proyecto, Dani habla sobre las locas oscilaciones de los precios del crudo y que cabe esperar de estos.

Además, echa un vistazo a la crisis energética en Centro América y el Caribe, las declaraciones de Claude Mandil de la AIE, noticias del ITER, etc...

Escúchalo aquí (MP3 file, 3.8MB)

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Oilcast #14: US consumed 77 million barrels more than previously reported in 2004

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OilcastsIn this Oilcast Adam Porter uncovers the fact that in 2004 America consumed an extra 77.75 million barrels of oil on top of what had previously been reported. That is nearly a whole day's worth of global production...
Plus, Iraq can produce six million barrels per day, more on Unocal, Texan output falls, a Senator says 'Arab stocks are dwindling', Claude Mandil agrees with Oilcast.com and plenty more...

Listen here (MP3 file, 4.8MB)

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Oilcast #13: Oil forecasts 'glib, futile and damaging'

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OilcastsIn this Oilcast...Adam Porter looks at sixty dollar oil prices on the NYMEX, Shell shares, Iran's pipelines, a CINOOC man in New York and more possible OPEC production increases.
Plus we take on board one of the harshest industry reports yet, from analysts Energyfiles and Douglas Westwood. They claim current forecasts, like resistance, are 'futile'.

Listen here (MP3 file, 4.9MB)

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UK Shockwave: UK pump price £3.92p per gallon (US$ 7.14)

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NewsThe UK's Automobile Association (AA), a drivers rescue service and advisory group, have reported that UK gasoline is at it's record price, 86.21 pence per litre.

As one gallon equals 4.546 litres that makes UK gasoline £3.92 (3.919) a gallon. If this price was replicated in $US it would mean (at £1 = $1.8225) a pump price of $7.14.

To avoid confusion a US gallon is slightly smaller (3.785 litres) and works out at $5.946. But $7.14 is what UK customers are currently paying for a UK gallon, today. And that is just the average price.

These latest cost rises may have been influenced by this week's broaching of NYMEX WTI $60pb. But that is unlikely to be the major factor.
As it is fairly safe to say that these record UK petrol prices are a direct result of the crude price increases in 2005 as a whole.

Studies of crude-versus-pump costs, show a time lag between crude price rises and pump price rises. Inventories are used first.

An `Oil Shockwave`emergency strategy simulation - played in Washington this week by top American former security officials - had the US pump price at $5.32.

UK crude-to-gasoline report 1986.
Oil Shockwave.

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Oilcast #12: NOPEC, no strike and `no peak oil`

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OilcastsAs oil touches $60 for the first time Dani Gomez looks at predictions by the Cambridge Energy Research Associates. They reject 'peak oil' theory, but as Dani has found out, their forecasts have been wrong in the past. Who is right? Are 'peak oilers' mistaken?

Plus, a look at current price volatility, CINOOC's bid for Unocal (as we predicted) no strike in Norway (as we predicted) and NOPEC in the US Senate, can it really become law?

Listen here (MP3 file, 5.3MB)

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Oilcast #11: Refiners vs Producers (aka The 'dual market duel')

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OilcastsThis Oilcast looks at the way the crude market blames refiners and visa versa, we call it the 'dual market duel'.
Plus Morgan Stanley's Steve Roach and Andy Xie painting a gloomy picture, seventy dollar oil predictions (by fall), China wants Unocal, Norway wants to strike and we even mention Geri Halliwell...well someone has to...

Listen here (MP3 file, 5.2MB)

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Refineries: The forgotten report

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ReportsThe investigative report by US Senator Ron Wyden from 2001 exposed some of the basic economics surrounding current refinery capacity. (see Oilcast #10)

It is worth reading in light of current debate over capacity in the market.

What do you think?

Wyden report here.

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Oilcast #10: OPEC - 'It's the refineries, stupid!'

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OilcastsIn our tenth Oilcast we look at the quarterly OPEC meeting this week in Vienna. Does the oil cartel want to avoid being viewed as the oil-movie bad guys? They reminded us that they are pumping all they can.

And all of this in the middle of another week of sustained price increases.

Plus, another speech by George W. Bush about elusive "energy independence", some harsh decline rates from British North Sea production and the struggle facing China over their gigantic energy needs.

It's here! (MP3 file, 3.9MB)

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Oilcast #9: "The pessimists are right"

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OilcastsIn Oilcast 9 we check out prices at $55 once again, the upcoming OPEC meeting, the US SPR is nearly full, Angolan deepwater and a more in depth look at the fall in annual UK output by 17% with Chris Skrebowski (not live but...)
Plus a report from The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands who have a fascinating look at oil peaks, globalisation and more...
As well as all this we have also figured out how to make our MP3's a better - smaller - size. Enjoy.

adam porter

Listen here. (MP3 file, 4.9MB)

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Oilcast #8: IEA say `save electricity`. Fast.

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Oilcasts'Saving Electricity in a Hurry' is the new report released this week by the International Energy Agency.
In this Oilcast Dani Gomez comments on some of the measures they propose. How to “deal with temporary shortfalls in electricity supplies” while watching how countries like Japan are already using mass media to raise awareness among their population. Also, we look at the situation in Bolivia. A poor country with huge hydrocarbon reserves.
As well as this we look at the UK's 17% annual decline in oil output, Chevron and Unocal's merger and have a chuckle with all the energy related weblogs that have recently appeared...

Listen here. (MP3 file, 11,1MB)

And don't forget those weblogs:

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