Oilcast #28: Pemex exclusive 'We are in the middle of Hubbert's curve'

Wednesday, November 30 2005 @ 02:57 PM EST

Contributed by: Oilcasters

This bumper 28 minute show breaks an exclusive interview with a senior engineer from Mexican state oil company Pemex, who says "the days of the Mexican super giants are over."
He claims Pemex is in the "doorway of depletion" and "in the middle of the Hubbert curve." Hear this amazing interview online now...

We also talk to Bruce Evers of Investec and Frederic Lasserre of Societe Generale on the current mini bear market, record short positions, warm weather in the USA and American `demand destruction`. What is it that is driving prices back down into the mid fifty dollar range?

Listen here (MP3 file, 10 MB)

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