Oilcast #23: Are high US gas prices here for good? Exclusive bank transcript says yes.

Thursday, September 15 2005 @ 10:09 AM EDT

Contributed by: Oilcasters

This week Oilcast looks at continuing fallout from Hurricane Katrina and much more.
With an exclusive look at what one major bank is saying behind the scenes, Oilcast exposes what the market really thinks. That high American pump prices are here - for good.
Is the one lasting effect of Katrina going to be the high price ordinary folk are going to pay to fill their cars and heat their homes?
Oilcast has obtained a transcript from a major international bank conference call that says, yes it is.
Plus, why is Tony Blair's second in command attacking OPEC? What did the oil markets do this week? Did high oil prices drive Delta and Northwest Airlines to Chapter 11 and why are Ford closing a plant in Lorain Ohio?
Is it really all about oil?

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