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 Saturday, March 25 2006 @ 01:07 PM EST

Oilcast CopriDex for 25th-29th July: $58.31


NewsThe Oilcast CopriDex (Cdex) for this week July 25th to 29th is $58.31.

Last week's forecast was $60.95.
The actual average price over the week was $57.48. The Cdex was too high by $3.47 or 6.03%.
The Friday closing price was $58.65. The Cdex was too high by $2.30 or 3.93%.

Some ongoing factors you might like to consider:
1. How will China's Yuan revaluation affect the market?
2. Will Hurricane Emily have created a draw down in US inventories?
3. Will the disturbances in London unsettle markets, for example threatening travel fuel useage?

What is the Oilcast CopriDex?
The Oilcast CorpiDex is a co-operative price forecast for NEXT WEEK’s NYMEX crude oil price.
You vote for where you think the price will go next week.
As an example, if it is Monday June 1st through Friday June 5th, you are voting for where the price will be from Monday June 8th through Friday June 12th.
We will then compare the forecast you make with:
A) the average price over the week and:
B) the closing price on Friday.

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Oilcast CopriDex Accuracy?
Authored by: BabyPeanut on Wednesday, July 27 2005 @ 01:15 PM EDT
Is there a way to compare the CopriDex guesses to what really happened? A chart would be nice to see. Thanks.
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