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 Tuesday, June 13 2006 @ 03:55 AM EDT

Oilcast To Take New Direction

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NewsAfter some long discussions Oilcast.com is hoping to announce some important new news in the coming two weeks. Oilcast is in talks to merge with a new trading fund as part of their overall service.

This would place the broadcast on a sounder footing. Merger discussions with other sites, whilst totally amicable, have sadly not proved forthcoming mainly due to practical difficulties.

We hope that we will be able to bring you some further news within the next 14 days, after which we will be able to get back to the business of talking about oil and gas rather than gassing about business.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed us over this five month period, without your listenership none of this would be worth doing.

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Oilcast #28: Pemex exclusive 'We are in the middle of Hubbert's curve'

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OilcastsThis bumper 28 minute show breaks an exclusive interview with a senior engineer from Mexican state oil company Pemex, who says "the days of the Mexican super giants are over."
He claims Pemex is in the "doorway of depletion" and "in the middle of the Hubbert curve." Hear this amazing interview online now...

We also talk to Bruce Evers of Investec and Frederic Lasserre of Societe Generale on the current mini bear market, record short positions, warm weather in the USA and American `demand destruction`. What is it that is driving prices back down into the mid fifty dollar range?

Listen here (MP3 file, 10 MB)

Please note none of the interview in audio or transcript can be used without prior consent from Oilcast.com by any other media. You can link to the audio file if you wish.

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Oilcast #27: Chinese Demand - The Dragon Is Back

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OilcastsIn a bumper 22 minute show Oilcast examines the apparent return of Chinese demand growth. Why has it happened? Why is the market ignoring it? What will it do to prices? And why was Chinese demand flat so far this year?
We talk to Deborah White of Societe Generale, Mike Wittner of Calyon and Kevin Norrish of Barclays Capital.
Plus crude prices have dipped, why? ANWR drilling gets the green light and Senator Ron Wyden is in the news again. All this and more in the new size Oilcast...

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Oilcast #26: Who sold Exxon? Who is selling crude? And why?

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OilcastsWhy is oil being sold off? The long anticipated fourth quarter of 2005 is here and a record strength hurricane sits in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet prices still fall.
Plus, who sold $1.4 billion of Exxon Mobil shares this week? Who is saying the Gulf recovery could take "years" and what will happen to the oil price if a cold winter hits oil-hungry nations?
Oilcast chats with Bruce Evers of Investec Bank in London as we discuss these subjects and many more...

Listen here (MP3 file, 6.0 MB)

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Oilcast #25: IEA report 'Resources to reserves' deeply flawed

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OilcastsThe International Energy Agency report, 'Resources to Reserves' comes under the Oilcast analysis spotlight this week. As well as a long look at 'peak oil' the report is also an interesting document, as much by what it omits as by what it contains.

Plus odd weather systems, price movements, American refining capacity and a possible Russian oil exchange...

Listen here (MP3 file, 6.0 MB)

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Oilcast News

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NewsApologies for the lack of an Oilcast last week. We have been really snowed under with work and formulating some different things we can do with Oilcast.

The Co-Operative Price Forecast Index (CDex) for last week was $67.37.
The actual average NYMEX price was $66.05.

The CDex for this week, October 3rd to 7th is $67.07.

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Oilcast #24: OPEC ridicule British claims as Rita causes havoc

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OilcastsThis week Adam Porter takes a look at the way Rita could affect the oil industry.
Will the consequences be as serious as predicted? Or will good luck prevail and a sell-off ensue?
Also from the OPEC meeting in Vienna we hear Kuwait's oil minister Al-Salah ridicule British chancellor Gordon Brown, plus news on non-OPEC output that does not make very healthy reading.

Listen here (MP3 file, 6.6 MB)

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Oilcast news

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NewsThe Oilcast CDex forecast for this week is $65.31.

Oilcast's Katrina special was licenced to two US Radio stations WYSO and KVNF.
Oilcast is now a member of www.prx.org.

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Oilcast #23: Are high US gas prices here for good? Exclusive bank transcript says yes.

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OilcastsThis week Oilcast looks at continuing fallout from Hurricane Katrina and much more.
With an exclusive look at what one major bank is saying behind the scenes, Oilcast exposes what the market really thinks. That high American pump prices are here - for good.
Is the one lasting effect of Katrina going to be the high price ordinary folk are going to pay to fill their cars and heat their homes?
Oilcast has obtained a transcript from a major international bank conference call that says, yes it is.
Plus, why is Tony Blair's second in command attacking OPEC? What did the oil markets do this week? Did high oil prices drive Delta and Northwest Airlines to Chapter 11 and why are Ford closing a plant in Lorain Ohio?
Is it really all about oil?

Listen here (MP3 file, 6.0 MB)

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Oilcast #22: Katrina, oil and market myopia

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OilcastsOilcast.com returns after its summer break with a look at the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the oil business.
Whilst the mass media trumpet wild speculation and conjecture Oilcast.com looks at the reailty.
Myopic markets, basic truths and analysis that is not driven by panic...

Listen here (MP3 file, 4.9 MB)

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